Essence of Life , a dance production of Dega Arts reflected the human mind status and Sri. Jiddu Krishnamoorthy's philosophy through different dance forms at Music Academy, Chennai on 18th January, 2013. It is the first time that philosophy of modern thinker are brought on stage for contemporary and sophisticated audience.

SAMSKRUTHI feels happy and proud to introduce Sri.Dega Dev Reddy, producer of Essence of Life to our viewers and it congratulates Sri.Dev Reddy for breaking the misconception about the great philosopher's philosophy among some readers and for communicating the message through dance forms. Krishnamoorthy's teachings and books inspired him to share the message through dance forms. As a producer of feature and as an afficionado of classical dance and music, he came forward to present this dance production with a concept of the splendor and aura of Indian classical music and dance, which cannot go unnoticed.
The idea of presenting the entire production into three episodes, such as, Art of meditation , Essence of Life and The Grand Finale in five dance forms has reached the viewers to understand the concept in a right manner.

In the first episode, Bharathanatyam Dancer Smitha Madhav, disciple of Nrithya Choodamani Smt.Rajeswari Sainath has introduced the meditation through Varya Venugopal's composition - "Dhyaanam Naiva" in charukesi ragam. It depicted that meditation is state of silence. " The Myths of Meditation " was presented by Odissi dancer, Masaka Ono, disciple of Protima and Surupa Sen through " Dhyane viri samuthyanne". It ruled out about the understanding of the mind. The awareness about meditation was presented in kuchipudi style through "How does Awareness Come About" by Pratheeksha Kashi ,daughter and disciple of Vyjayanthi Kashi. Awareness could be realized through every thought in mind, which is to be examined.

The art of meditation was presented by Mohiniyattam dancer Rashmi Menon, disciple of Smt.Pallavi Krishnan and Guru Kalamandalam Kshemavathi. Kathak Dancer Pali Chander, disciple of Late Guru Vikram Singh and Pandit Ram Mohan Maharaj depicted the definition of "True Silence". Spectators could understand that silent enviornment leads to meditation. The presentations of first episode attracted the audience with grace and subtle movements. The concept of the topics has conveyed the abhinaya talents of danceuse.

The second episode namely " Essence of Life" detailed topics such as " Understanding our minds"," Freedom from fear", "Can we live without Problems", "Can Human beings change" and "The beauty of love" through five styles. All the topics are narrated with complicated foot work and body language of performers. Experienced performers justified the efforts of musicians, adavu composer and lyric writer. The bhavam of sahityam was depicted excellently. The involvement and dedication of performers could be enjoyed by rasikas, because their abhinayam and body language conveyed the concept in appreciable manner. Though the performers belong to different styles and different languages, the coordination between them and synchronization was superb. First topic in the second episode was presented through odissi style, which helped the viewers to understand about the status and movements of mind. Dance use presented the postures and the grace movements of head, chest and pelvis.

The second topic about fear has been shown through abhinayam and foot work in bharathanatyam style. The third topic detailed about the problems around the human being and solution to the problems was narrated so beautifully in kuchipudi style. The fourth topic detailed the expectation of mind regarding the change in human beings with vibrant foot work and various movements in mohiniyattam. The last topic of the episode was gracefully presented in kathak style. The Grand finale was presented with combination of five styles through vibrant and speedy thillana in madhu kouns raga, which was chreographed by Sri.L.Narendra kumar.

Presentation with various movements through five styles have resembled the chreography talent and mesmerized the audience. The team coordination executed the dance production in qualitative manner. The entire dance production clearly confessed that true meditation transforms the mind and silent mind is full of energy. Keeping the mind in silence mood does not belong to any religious. True silence can be obtained, when mind is totally empty.

Smt.Aruna Sivaramakrishnan, executive producer and conceptual designer is the force behind the production. She was very close to the project concept and played the vital role in all wings of productions. Music genius Sri.B.Sivaramakrishna Rao captured music rasikas with his team work. Sri.D.A.Srinivas composed the complicated adavus in brilliant manner. Anchor Sukanya Ramesh narrated all topics in detailed manner. Video presentation is opened to audience. In which, stalwarts like Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna, Hariharan, Sanjeev Abhayankar, Sharath and dancers expressed their happiness about participating in the production and the team leader Sri.Dega Dev Reddy's involvement in the concept.

They congratulated the entire team members for having dedicated work. Samskruthi recommends its viewers to visit web site which has photos & introductory film and give them the addreses of world organisers of programmes so that they can promote this project all over the world..

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